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There’s less than two weeks to go until the Law Firm Marketing Summit returns to London for the fourth year. We’ve collected seven of the best quotes from our experienced speakers to give you a sneak preview of the discussions that we’ll be having in London.


Julien Dentons, Global Director, Integration Services, Dentons

We live in challenging yet exciting times where it is possible to make a big difference. The complexities behind GDPR and data residency concerns emerging from an increasing number of countries will reshape the way we interact with our clients, and  those who find the most innovative ways to build the relationship models for the future will be at a great advantage.


Genna Stainforth, Relationship Manager, Acritas

Sector focus is a key buzzword in law firm marketing at the moment, and when done properly it definitely deserves the hype… Properly executed, a sector focus can increase a firm’s understanding of, and connectedness with, industry verticals.


Jordi Fernandez, Head of Communications, Cuatrecasas

These days, communicating what you are doing and how you are doing it, and creating added value through circulating information are key elements to a company’s strategic plan.


Tsvetana Grakova, Business Development & Client Relationship Manager, Wolf Theiss

The way law firms address the client experience can be a true differentiator and can create real value for their clients. It starts with listening carefully to what clients truly need and not starting from a position of offering them what the firm believes it does best or the client might want.


Rick Jakubowski, Global Editor, Chambers and Partners

Showing a commitment to understanding and mirroring the client’s values is increasingly the critical factor in securing long term relationships and business partnerships and I think it is fair to say that this should be at the heart of a firm’s approach towards new clients if it hasn’t been previously, regardless of the age profile of the panel.


Barbara Koenen, Global Head BD & Marketing, Ince

It is always key to listen to our clients and understand what their needs are, and they simply change generation by generation. This also means that we have to keep looking at ways to stay relevant to our audience with all that we go including preparing proposals and tenders for panel appointments.


Rob Booth, General Counsel & Company Secretary, The Crown Estates

As a General Counsel who is a millennial (just) – I would advocate a few trends that appear here. One is to be more fluid in partnering and drawing in expertise from outside. Another is to think about wellbeing not as a profit haircut, but instead as a medium to get the best out of people. And perhaps lastly, recognise the dawning realisation that millennials are really no different to any other generation – and embrace them rather than worrying about them.


See the full agenda HERE.

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