Interview with Knut-Magnar Aanestad

  Knut-Magnar Aanestad

  Head of Innovation, Kluge

We had the opportunity to ask Knut-Magnar Aanestad some questions about the future of the law firms and legal marketing. Knut-Magnar is the Head of Innovation at Kluge, and will be participating in a cutting-edge panel on the benefits and disadvantages of legal technology.


What do you think is the biggest single challenge threatening the profitable future of law firms?

Transforming the business model from time and material to a solution-based service delivery platform with predictable and value-based price mechanisms.

When you look at how other professional services sectors are adapting their marketing and business development strategies to changing market conditions, what do you feel the legal sector should be emulating?

The need to see that businesses are driven by new prevailing forces and that business need change with that, most visible is that businesses are under a tighter cost and time schedule than before. Technology makes it possible for businesses to handle their needs within the company, faster, cheaper and more accurate. The professional services firms that have succeeded in making services that enable the businesses should be emulated.

One of the biggest challenges for marketing and business development teams working within law firms is to engage the managing partners in the process – what’s your personal tip for getting this to work?

Various, but bring the MP to a “great” conference and involve in a “development group”

What do you believe is essential to creating a positive and effective content marketing strategy?

Storytelling from a client success story. I also believe that focusing on the client’s success is important. Law firms are enablers and behind a business success, there is usually a great legal service partner.

What do you believe are the most common errors in customer relationship management?

Law firms are introverts, they need to focus more on value to the client. It is decided by what is delivered, not who delivers it.

Looking at the agenda for the Law Firm Marketing Summit, which sessions [apart from your own, of course] are you most looking forward to?

“Understanding the client perspective”

If you were to relocate to work in another country, which would you pick?



For more information, check out the agenda for the Law Firm Marketing Summit 2018.

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