Interview with Julien Desmottes, Global Director, Integration Services, Dentons

Julien Desmottes, Global Director – Integration Services, Dentons

With technological developments advancing so rapidly, it’s imperative that law firms evolve to respond to the new challenges. But what will have the biggest impact for law firms? Julien Desmottes, Global Director of Integration Services at Dentons, shared his insights with us ahead of his participation at the Law Firm Marketing Summit this November.


LFMS: Why do you think it’s important to have a conference that unites the business development and marketing decision makers from law firms across Europe to explore current trends and issues?
JD: The pace of change is faster than ever. We live in a truly global environment, yet, local cultures (thankfully!) remain, and being able to meet people from around Europe and exchange on trends and issues they are facing is truly valuable for all!


LFMS: What do you consider to be the biggest opportunity for law firms over the next three years? And what would you consider to be the biggest challenge arising?
JD: We live in challenging yet exciting times where it is possible to make a big difference. The complexities behind GDPR and data residency concerns emerging from an increasing number of countries will reshape the way we interact with our clients, and those who find the most innovative ways to build the relationship models for the future will be at a great advantage.


LFMS: What do you consider to be the key buzzword in law firm marketing and business developments, and do you think that it deserves the hype?
JD: Artificial Intelligence. Because in many cases, it is just glorified searching and efficient use of data – which is much needed of course; I just don’t see the “intelligence” in most of it.


LFMS: When you’re looking at other professional service firms, is there any single innovation that you think law firms should be emulating?
JD: If anything, continuing to listen to the market changes and evolving client needs – though many law firms are doing just that.


LFMS: With more millennials on client panels, do law firm business development and marketing teams need to adapt their approach for the new generation of clients?
JD: I think they will adapt their approach, but to be honest, I believe many teams are already doing so – and the change will be seamless as the millennials themselves join them!


LFMS: Is there a space for law firms on social media? Why?
JD: I believe there are ways, as long as they differentiate social media from other communication points. Too many social media accounts are just used to duplicate existing website content. Gathering lawyers’ interest is also key, so they get engaged on the content with their contacts.


LFMS: Which session at the Law Firm Marketing Summit (other than your own!) are you most looking forward to attending?
JD: Very keen on all of them! For a technology person like myself, being able to loop in with Marketing and Business Development professionals is always very interesting.


Julien will be joining our panel on how to ensure technology adoption by driving cultural change. See the full agenda HERE.

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