Interview with Cesar Mejias, IT Director, Garrigues

Cesar Mejias, IT Director


We had the opportunity to catch up with Cesar Mejias, IT Director at Garrigues, and ask him some questions about the future of the legal sector prior to his involvement at the Law Firm Marketing Summit.


What do you think is the biggest single challenge threatening the profitable future of law firms?

The challenge lies in moving quickly and flexibly through the digital transformation process, improving efficiency in processes and adopting technological solutions that really add value for clients, while anticipating clients’ needs in order to remain relevant. It demands a strong commitment to innovation.


When you look at how other professional services sectors are adapting their marketing and business development strategies to changing market conditions, what do you feel the legal sector should be emulating?

There are naturally many examples of business pioneers in different sectors, but I truly believe that it is not a matter of looking outside. To drive change in the market we first need to understand our culture and internal processes.


One of the biggest challenges for marketing and business development teams working within law firms is to engage the managing partners in the process – what’s your personal tip for getting this to work?

The best way to engage managing partners is to show results in efficiency and client satisfaction. Luckily, in Garrigues, this engagement is a reality every day.


What do you believe is essential to creating a positive and effective content marketing strategy?

I believe it is essential to always keep the firm’s goals in mind and act consequently. Contents must work for the brand, show its core values and its strengths, and everybody that participates in the process –ideally an important part of the organization- must have it in mind.


What do you believe are the most common errors in customer relationship management?

One of the main errors is not to listen to clients. The sector is changing so quickly that it is essential to anticipate clients’ needs. One of the key questions that always needs to be addressed is “how can we do this better”.


Looking at the agenda for the Law Firm Marketing Summit, which sessions [apart from your own, of course] are you most looking forward to?

All of them look pretty interesting.


If you were to relocate to work in another country, which would you pick?




For more information on the Law Firm Marketing Summit, check out our agenda.

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