David Stuckey

Executive Editor
CEE Legal Matters

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LFMS: What three industry trends are impacting the industry the most and how are they changing the role of marketers and business development professionals within law firms?

1. Ever-increasing sophistication of service providers and particularly of clients (particularly in-house counsel)

2. On related subject, increased competition

3. Concerns about commoditization of legal services

LFMS: Is there a key factor that helps marketers and business development professionals build a better relationship with law firm partners? Or, how can law firm partners empower their BD and marketing teams?

Always, empowerment and trust. Both are earned rather than given but need to exist for the BD role to be fully useful.

LFMS: How is the law firm – client relationship changing?

With increasing sophistication and budget-consciousness comes increased scrutiny. Clients know what they need and what it should cost. There are fewer blank cheques.

LFMS: What would be your single most important tip for winning at pitches?

Candour/transparency. Don’t overpromise. Be confident in what you can do, and communicate that, but honest.

LFMS: Looking at the agenda for the Law Firm Marketing Summit, which sessions are you most looking forward to?

Other than mine: “Influencing –Building consensus, generating engagement and driving change.”

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