Breakout Sessions


Catherine BerneyC

11:30 Session 1
Change management and introducing innovation

How do we drive change from the BD perspective?
What lessons can we learn from other industries?
How do we get partners to embrace change?
How do we overcome fear, complacency and inertia?
How can law firms react to changing market conditions and clients’ needs to implement new strategies?

Catherine Berney, Managing Director, Mannaz A/S

12:00 Session 2
The social media enigma

What social media options work best for law firms and which don’t?How do we implement and effectively manage social media initiatives?How do we get lawyers to embrace social media?

Heikki IvessaloC

15:00 Session 3

What is gamification?
What are the benefits?
How can we use gamification to engage clients, motivate partners and develop future strategies?
Where does it fit into our marketing and BD plans?

Gamification means applying game mechanics and design techniques to motivate people to pursue certain goals. Properly developed this can form an ideal concept to communicate a firm’s strategic priorities to both clients and staff. Very often clients and lawyers have wildly differing opinions about what is relevant in terms of strategic priorities and value perceptions and this is where gamification comes into its own. With effective implementation flexible solutions allowing room for variations of opinions can be developed. The firm is then better placed to take clients’ needs and wishes into account when developing future strategies.)

Heikki Ilvessalo, Development Director, Castren & Snellman

16:30 Session 4
New technologies, CRM and how they affect the modern law firm

From developing new business and distributing targeted practice area specific newsletters to document searching and data mining, Client Relationship Management systems offer undeniable benefits to law firms and marketing professionals. This session will look at the latest thing in CRM, effective uses and ROI.

What new technologies are helping law firms?

17:00 Session 5
ROI, KPIs, profitability

How do we measure ROI?
What are the best metrics to use?
How do we use ROI measurements to manage partner expectations?
Should we be looking at marketing and BD as a profit centre? How? Why?

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