Agenda 2021

This is a working agenda and subject to change.

5th October, 2021

10.00 BST

Welcome to delegates
Conference chairs: Terri Pepper Gavulic, Chief Executive Officer, TerraLex

Moray McLaren, Partner, Lexington Consultants

10.10 BST

Keynote: The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

Trends in the legal market. New threats, new opportunities.

Terri Mottershead, Executive Director, Centre for Legal Innovation, The College of Law (Australia, New Zealand and Asia)

10.30 BST

Discussion Panel

The legal market has changed dramatically over the last year. Lawyers are working from home, clients’ needs are constantly evolving, the hourly billing model is over in a number of markets. Meanwhile priorities have shifted on a number of issues – with  D&I and ESG now front and centre. As resources are cut and many legal services given over to technology, law firms are competing like never before for the attention of sophisticated buyers of legal services. How do law firms grow revenues in a no-growth market? Will getting back into the office help?  With changing views on the workplace particularly from NewGen, how can law firms best define and manage priorities and how can marketing and business development executives shape and influence.

  • Making collaboration work
  • What does ESG and D&I really mean for law firms and where does it fit into the new model?
  • As the workplaces continues to change, how can firms weigh the benefits of flex working, of wellness, of authenticity vs the corporate message?
  • How does all this impact the new model and more importantly, the procurement of legal services?
  • What is the new model for business development and Marketing success in this disrupted climate?

Chair: Julia Hayhoe, Managing Director, Hayhoe Consulting
Gaia Francieri
, Head of Communications, Chiomenti; President of MOPI
Paul Osgood,
Global Head of Internal Communications, Clifford Chance

11.00 BST


11.15 BST

Brand Authenticity: The message vs the truth.

How does a firm find its voice in a diverse world? What messages can be shared and what stand should firms take? Should firms be honest about the message or say what they think people want to hear? How can social media be managed? What is the role of the marketing and business development executives in shaping the message? And what happens when it all goes wrong?

  • Dealing with Polarisation of opinion vs the echo chamber
  • New gen challenges
  • D&I: Voices and messages – faking it or making it
  • Client views

Richard Levick, Chairman & CEO, Levick

11.40 BST

Discussion Panel

James Batham, Partner, Head of Client Facing Innovation, Eversheds Sutherland
Kenneth Robertson, Head of Outsourcing, Technology & IP legal team, RBS / NatWest
Bendita Cynthia Malakia, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Hogan Lovells
Michele DeStefano, Founder, LawWithoutWalls, Professor of Law, University of Miami & Affiliated Faculty & Program Chair, Harvard Law School Executive Education

12.10 BST

Online Marketing Masterclass

Online marketing is nothing new but with the Global Pandemic forcing change , law firms have become more creative and innovative in their online strategies. In this interactive session, a case study looking at what a leading law firm has done in conjunction with a global technology supplier will give the chance to learn from real life implementation.

12.40 BST

Business Development Masterclass

Panel Session: Managing partners and BD directors discuss practical strategies to drive your business forward. By looking at what has worked and what hasn’t over the last year, you can implement new and innovative business development strategies to help drive your business forward. How does technology help? How can BD affect change within law firms?

13.00 BST

Lunch Intermission

13.45 BST

Keynote: Finding the magic sauce for success

Chair: Stephen Revell, Partner, Lexington Consultants, Singapore / London / Vancouver

Leaders Roundtable

David Kaufman, Director of Global Strategies, Nixon Peabody
Wendy Bernero, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Baker McKenzie
Rolf Chr Trolle Andersen,
Partner, Hjort

14.45 BST

Content Marketing

15.15 BST


15.30 BST

Masterclasses: What’s coming around the corner…

Preparing for the future of

  • Digital transformation and emerging technologies
  • Creating client experience which aligns to their values
  • Business intelligence for informed BD
  • Micro niches and high value specialisation

16.30 BST

Panel Session: The Clients Speak

In-house counsel discuss how and why their needs have changed during the pandemic. What marketing activities are getting their attention? What role is diversity playing in the new paradigm?

Chair: Catherine McGregor, Consulting, Research, Thought Leadership, Catherine McGregor Research

  • Barry Matthews, SVP General Counsel & Director of Government Relations (UK & EMEA), Meggitt PLC
  • Lawson Crawford, Director of Legal and Company Secretary, UCLB
  • Selene Brett, General Counsel, Open Banking
  • Leigh Kirkpatrick, Managing Legal Counsel, Outsourcing, Technology & IP, Royal Bank of Scotland

17.00 BST

Fireside Conversation

Jaime Carey, Co-Secretary General, IBA

17.30 BST

Insights from the Day: Moray McLaren and Terri Pepper Gavulic

18.15 BST

Networking and Social Event

Participants and panel members share their learning from the conference during an interactive networking session with table moderators.

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