60 Second Interview: Anne S. Gallagher

Anne S. Gallagher, Director of Global Communications

Jenner & Block 

Ahead of the 2020 Law Firm Marketing Summit, Anne S. Gallagher kindly shed some light on what it take to manage communications at a law firm.

LFMS: Who in the legal sector outside your law firm has most inspired you?

For many years in my career I had a mentor, Dave Baum.  Dave spent 40 years as a journalist and then started a media training business.  He was caustic and crusty and always distrusting of corporates.  He told it like it is and taught me everything to know about how the media work and how to do ‘business’ with them.  He had a heart of gold and a set of daggers when he questioned executives.  “Annie,” he’d say.  “I don’t make the rules, I just tell them how the game is played.”


LFMS: What is your favourite book, blog or podcast on business and/or marketing strategy?

On Writing Well by William Zinsser.  The foundation of business/marketing strategy is the ability to write well.  And, as my mother always said, “If you can write, someone will always give you a job.”


LFMS: What are your three top tips for dealing with a PR crisis?

It depends, of course, what type of crisis is at hand.  That said, the old-school theory of the “Three C’s” still gets my vote to guide crisis strategy — Care, Concern, Compassion.


LFMS: What inspires you about working in law firm communications?

The lawyers and professionals who are really good always want to get better.  Having the skills to help them do that is a daily challenge and enormously fun when it works.


LFMS: What are the biggest challenges of marketing in the world of law – and how have you learned to meet them?

The biggest challenges change all the time.  I don’t claim to have learned how to meet them but I do work very hard at listening to what’s needed and wanted…..and collaborating with many good colleagues to find and execute on solutions, which are sometimes simple, sometimes creative and always interesting.

Anne S. Gallagher will be speaking as part of a panel for the ‘View from the States’ segment of the 2020 Law Firm Marketing Summit. Click here for the full agenda.

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