Open Your Eyes and Ears – It’s A Different Day 


11th OCTOBER 2022

Open Your Eyes and Ears – It’s a Different Day

One thing everyone agrees is that, coming out of the global pandemic, it is definitely not business as usual.

Our worlds – both at home and at work – have changed in substantial ways and there is no turning back. We invite you to join us on 11 October at the Caledonian Club in London for the seventh annual Law Firm Marketing Summit, where we will explore the many new opportunities and challenges facing the legal community.

The summit will be arranged around a series of Ignite Talks, whose themes are drawn from the results of a survey of marketing executives and senior lawyers that asked how relationships have changed and priorities shifted. These Ignite talk will stimulate small group discussions of attendees to explore the issues and opportunities more deeply.

The Ignite talks: 

  • Aligning with Your Organisation’s Purpose to Create Value
  • Conquering the New Competitive Landscape
  • Out of the Shadows: Strategies to Understand and Overcome Mental Health and Wellness Issues at Work
  • Winning the War for Talent
  • Technology and Data Literacy as a Competitive Advantage

These talks will establish a thought-provoking framework for the summit’s entire programme, allowing it to formulate a blueprint for future success covering the gamut of the legal marketer’s responsibilities, namely:

  • Law firm strategy
  • Client Perspectives
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Crisis and reputation management
  • Directory Submissions
  • The practical application of legal technology
  • Branding and positioning
  • Measuring success
  • The recruitment and retention of talent
  • Effective teamworking and collaboration

Our goal is for delegates to complete the day energised with new ideas and perspectives – and a competitive edge

How to book

Delegate tickets to the Law Firm Marketing Summit provide you with full access to all sessions live and on demand.

Law Firms
Standard Fee


Consultants, marketing agencies, suppliers
Standard Fee


For more information on discounted rates for academics, NGOs, group bookings, please contact Jasminder Soor on Fees exclude VAT.


The Caledonian Club
9 Halkin Street



This summit provides an unparalleled opportunity to promote your product and services to a select gathering of senior law firm personnel with direct responsibility for marketing investment back in a physical event environment.

Who attends?

Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors, Heads of Marketing, Business Development Directors and Marketing Partners with responsibility for building new business for their practice.

Benefits of event sponsorship

Sponsors of the Law Firm Marketing Summit will benefit from tailor-made partnership packages, combining webinar presentations, hosting roundtable discussions and the opportunity to participate in one to one meetings . As a sponsor, you will be one of a very select number of suppliers to the legal sector with a significant presence at the event.


For Speaker enquiries:

John Malpas:

David Adams:

For Sponsor enquiries: 

Maria Sunderland:
+44 (0) 7714 099 436

For Delegate enquiries:

Jasminder Soor:

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