Matthew Fuller

Director of Business Development & Marketing
White & Case

3ba4688CLFMS: What three industry trends are impacting the industry the most and how are they changing the role of marketers and business development professionals within law firms?

1. Focus on measuring value
2. Disruptive technology
3. Globalisation We are constantly looking at ways in which we can deliver our services more efficiently. Pricing is tight, so we have to work out how we can project manage better. In BD, we look at ways in which we can demonstrate value to our clients. We seek to have more senior people on the front line with partners acting as advisors and have the execution done efficiently behind the scenes – using technology as much as we can.

LFMS: Is there a key factor that helps marketers and business development professionals build a better relationship with law firm partners? Or, how can law firm partners empower their BD and marketing teams?

Quite simply to demonstrate value to the partners – be that critical link. We are in a privileged position at the centre of the business – we need to use this effectively –information is king. Many partners have just never experienced good and valuable BD.

LFMS: How is the law firm – client relationship changing?

Clients want fewer but deeper relationships. In mature markets, this translates to more balanced “partnering” relationships.

LFMS: What would be your single most important tip for winning at pitches?

Focus on the client’s needs.

LFMS: What lessons should law firms be heeding from GCs and the approach they are now taking to buying legal services?

Listen to them – work out how you can help them and find solutions to their problems and challenges.

LFMS: How do you see new tech helping law firm marketers and business development professionals meet their challenges?

By being more efficient and more targeted in business development.

LFMS: Looking at the agenda for the Law Firm Marketing Summit, which sessions are you most looking forward to?

All of it!

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